Payroll 13/14 re-registration issue

David Middleton
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We have Payroll 13/14 and since moving to a Windows 10 PC have had to frequently re-register the software at start-up. Reckon suggested re-registering twice in succession but the program would not allow this. Any ideas.


  • John G
    John G Reckon Staff Posts: 1,570 Reckon Staff
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    Hello David,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Please do the following:
    1. Close Payroll Premier
    2. in Windows Explorer go to C:\QPRollv22 and delete the file: QCompany.TPS.
    3. Restart Payroll Premier and if asked to register, do so
    4. Close Payroll Premier and repeat Step 2.
    The next launch of Payroll Premier should not ask you again.

    By the way, the first Windows10 compatible version was 2016/17, so your 2013/14 may not perform as intended on all functions.