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I just realised the last payroll payment in June 2016 suppose to be completed in 2015/2016 Payroll system; however, I have done it in 2016/2017 Payroll system. While I issue the payment summary of 2016/2017, there is a difference between the payment summary and gross payment which is the first payment in June/July 2016 (not including on payment summary). Could you please advise how to fix it? Thank you 


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    Helo Cabu,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    I hope this comment helps....

    PP users may find that the Report for Payment Summaries differs from the Empdupe because the Report correctly reports on a Date Paid basis, while the EmpDupe and general reports (like the Reconciliation Report) use the Print by Preference, which may be left on its default setting of Pay End Date. 

    ATO takes the Date Paid to decide which FY it applies to, so a Pay End Date on or before 30/6 but Date Paid is on or after 1/7 makes it part of the next FY.  Your first pay of this FY may have a Pay End Date in the previous FY.  

    See kb3656 for full instructions.  Briefly: Change the Printing Preference > Print by > to Date Paid and then run the Payment Summaries Report, The Reconciliation Report and the Empdupe File.  (Care:  Make a fresh backup before starting as this step will re-index the file and may take a long time, depending on file size, of an hour or more.  It will show as Not Responding, and if you exit the process, or a glitch occurs that forces the process to stop, you could damage the file.)


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    Hi John,

    Thanks for your response.

    I have tried to change the printing preference, but it did not change the amount on the Payment Summary.
    The pay end date was 01 July 2016, but the processed date was 29 June 2016.

    The Pays Reports, Tax Reports and Reconciliation Reports show the correct figures for the financial year ending 2016/2017, but the Payment Summary doesn’t recognise the first payment on 01 July 2016 and shows an incorrect figure.

    Please help advise how we can correct the Payment Summary to match the other reports and is there a way to check that the Empdupe File is correct if the payment summay showing incorrect figure?

    Please advise & Thank you