Payroll Premier 2017/2018 - sick leave pay rate and super calculation not automatic

Jennie Kemp
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edited October 2018 in Payroll Premier
During pay processing when adding the pay rate Sick Leave for an employee the programme does not aurtomatically calculate superannuation as a "Yes".  This must be manually changed and is easily missed.  Other pay rates e.g. Annual Leave defaults to the "Yes" for calculating superannuation.

Could this be updated as this was a new pay rate in the 2017/2018 version and it appears it cannot be changed by the operator but is built into the programme.

Is this correct?


  • Nicky Wray
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    edited October 2018
    I find carers leave defaults to No super as well. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to tell it about super when adding a pay rate
  • Mark_9171963
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    edited January 2018
    Yes it would be good to have a default "Yes" setting for this.