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Payroll Premier frequently "stops working","encounters a problem and has to close", takes forever to switch to date paid and often closes in the process. Still have an unresolved problem with STP reports not showing all employees, that is being investigated. We have 60 employees. i have to use payroll recovery to restart. Anyone else?/


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    Hi Linda,

    You're not alone, pretty much experience all of the above as well.

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    Hi Linda,

    I had the same problem.

    I have been with Payroll Premier for several years across several updates of Windows and I had a large database going back to 2000.Reckon also informed me there is a limit to the size of the database and we were approaching that limit.

    I created a new file and entered my current employees for that company, Windows 10 version, last financial year (July 2017) and we have had no problems since. I know this is a lot or work to do but our program previously kept clsoing every wage process and in reports as well.

    Good  luck,

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    We changed our file and downsized in 2014, we now have about 60 active and 60 terminated. As payroll Premier is marketed for larger payrolls, this should be not an excessive number.
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