Leave accrual calculation in Payroll Premier

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Can anyone please explain to me how the leave accrual calculation works for each employee?

I can see that you are able to select when the employee starts accruing leave after....
And then you can select a number per (this was selected as Pay, I have since changed it to Normal Hours), and then you set an accrual rate.

My question is:
I can not set this at any hourly level as recommended by the National Retailers Association to ensure 100% accuracy of the accruals.
Eg. If a part-timer works an extra shift that agreed to ahead of time, then their temporary work hours change will accue properly unless we change the accrual rate for that week. Or the opposite where it will not allow leave to accrue at the same rate when Unpaid Leave is taken.

I am trying to set it so for each 1 Normal Hour worked, an AL accrual of 0.0769 hours, LSL accrues at 0.01667, PL accrues at 0.0386 is set on all employees.

Our previous accounts person has been using an excel spreadsheet for a number of years as the software has not been able to calculate these entitlements with great accuracy.


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    To be honest, I'm questioning why we are paying for a payroll software package that is unable to track and accrue leave balance correctly. Unless I can get answers for this, I will probably look at changing software.