KB - Sending email failed message when emailing payslip from PP 18/19

Shisir Reckon Alumni Posts: 230
edited July 2020 in Payroll Premier
Please check our new KB for Payroll Premier, if you are having an issue on sending payslips on email.


  • Greg Tenni_8946652
    Greg Tenni_8946652 Member Posts: 17
    edited August 2018
    Totally pathetic solution.
    Needs to be fixed PROPERLY, not this half-baked solution of resorting to Task Manager and Run as Admin. Our Payroll Premier is installed on the company server, so there is no way any payroll user will have Admin privileges.
  • Jennifer_9737475
    Jennifer_9737475 Member Posts: 3
    edited August 2018
    We have this same issue in this regard, running as an Admin is not a workable solution for us either.

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