How to salvage de-activated subscription

Lyn Willis
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I have a few questions. When I set up my book, I didn't have opening account balances on hand and thought I could enter them later [as with other software], so I thought I would de-activate the 30 free trial and do it again.  When I checked my card details that Reckon asked, for I discovered that the payment, one day later, had already been taken from it. Now if I apply again will I be charged another fee and will I still be able to use the same business name? I do like the software, but just don't like a few of the features. Like not being to make invoice numbers match those that I have used on other software and given to our customers.
Hope someone can help.
Thanks - Lyn


  • Rav
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    Hi Lyn,
    When the trial was deactivated, it removes it from the account so when you reactivated the book after this point, a paid subscription is created, which is what sounds like has happened here.

    Are you still using this paid book?

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  • Lyn Willis
    Lyn Willis Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2019
    No, because it is deactivated. It is read only. I rang and spoke to someone from Reckon. They were going to send me an email so I can create another book, but I am still waiting for the email.

    Thank you for your help and explanation.