How do I get the licence key for Payroll Premier 2019/2020

Annette Sullivan
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I need to upgrade to Payroll Premier 2019/2020 and have downloaded the software but it is asking for a Key, normally you get this when you log into your account and download but for some unbeknown reason Reckon have now changed this and you have to go to a separate page to download updates for Payroll Premier but there is no Key provided!! I have tried phoning but they wont take calls even though I have paid an exorbitant membership fee to access such help!


  • Emily 182
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    Hi Annette, I just got through to them on the phone waited about 30mins try this number 1800 732 566, hope this helps. I had some issues with downloading and registration for my product. 
    I just downloaded the software, I logged into my online account and I selected the product then it came up with the installation key, I then downloaded the link. When the programme opened I had to enter the installation key.