Pays are processing with two lines of super

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Hi Rav

Payroll Premier 2019-20  (problem 4)

Since I have upgraded to Payroll Premier 2019-20 all my pays have processed with 2 lines of super.  One line is completely incorrect, the amount is a random number and the fund is not the correct one for the employee.

In process pays, only one line of super is showing when enable a pay
My pays report shows the correct amount of super
The report of super by employer shows both lines of super
On the pay slips two lines of super is showing

I have tried "rebuild data file" more than once.

I have gone back to the original file 2018-19, repeated the whole upgrade to 2019-20 and  archiving of data process and still have the same problem.

I'm on my 3rd pay for the year, averaging 50 employees per pay and need this to be fixed along with the other 3 problems (posted separately).

I'm extremely fustrated with these issues and of Reckons lack of response to the so called "advantage" helpline and email service.

Your assitance with solving any or all of these problems would be much appreciated.



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    I am also waiting for responses from Reckon re problems I am having with dates being reversed on payslips. Super line appearing on my payslips but the hours worked line has disappeared??
    I have been searching in the payroll system and figured out I can no longer print from the popup print option straight after I run the pays. I have to close out of Reckon Payroll Premier and come back in to be able to print from the reports menu. The payslips print with the hours and the dates in correct format. It is very frustrating that I was kept on hold for an hour yesterday waiting for someone to speak to me, I finally gave up and hung up. I would still like a reply to the emails I have sent requesting help.

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    Hi Maree

    I also have the same issue. I also close out of Payroll Premier and then relog in to print the payslips.

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