Tax Scales 2019/20 for Help debt & Student loan

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I'm using Payroll Premier 2019/20 and have an employee who has a Help debt and also a Student Loan debt. The tax scale in the employee's details I'm using is HELP/SFSS TFT Claimed, but only one amount is being taken out of the employees pay. Last financial year an amount for HELP was automatically taken out and also the same amount for the Student Loan - coincidentally they are the same amount for each debt. Why is it not taking out the two amounts now? 


  • Helen Bowers
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    Hi Kandy. If the employee has a weekly income of $882 or more and they claim the tax free threshold, then you can check that the amount to withhold would be $9. This increases as the income increases. It is always a good idea to check the ATO quick calculation tables
    Study and training support loans weekly tax table. Download the quick calculator from the ATO for Excel. It is handy to check. I believe there is only one amount to be deducted from 1 July 2019. See if you have selected HELP/SSFS and TFT claimed (if they have).
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    Thanks Helen!