I wish to migrate away from Payroll Premier and need to extract my non transactional data for import

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  • Greg Tenni_8946652
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    I wish you luck.
    It is only partially possible, so far as I have found.
    If you create a new customised report to export to Excel, you will get the basics -
    Emp No,Surname,First Name,Department,Hours,Pay Period,Last Paid,Started,Term Date,Emp Status.
    But if you export to a SAFF file (Activities>Export>SuperExport) you will get almost everything - including TFN, email, phone number. [Need to be careful to select the SAFF format, and check that all employees are included - if they are missing critical info, their records will not be exported.]
    You will need to cull down the SAFF file in Excel - deleting columns is the easiest way.
    In all, it is not for the faint-hearted, but it is theoretically possible.

    May still need some stitching together via a VLOOKUP on Emp No and of course the exported data is all text-formatted and padded out to a million places, so you will also need to run a TRIM function over the data.
    Hope this helps.