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Peter Lumsden
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Apparently I have a corrupt file (Payroll Premier) and this is the reason I cannot get a STP report. I have tried Tech guys on phone however I am unable to understand them. Can anyone help?


  • Eric Murphy
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    Seems like a pretty silly reason. I doubt there would be much any of us could do here for a corrupt file other than restoring from the last successful pay. I'd call them back and speak to someone else
  • Helen Bowers
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    If it is the program that has a corrupt file then try removing Payroll Premier completely. Then clean up your hard drive. Reinstall your program. Ensure you overwrite the Rinb.exe file found under the Reports tab. If the data file is corrupt you should have a back-up. If not, try checkong the file using Windows tools. This may fix it. Always keep your computer drive as clean as you can about every week.
  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi Peter,

    If you are unable to generate STP reports for specific periods, then this indicates a data file problem.

    Go through each of the Pay Run numbers listed in the Single Touch Payroll Report screens drop-down list.

    Starting from Pay run 1, keep selecting each until you find the first pay run number that does not generate a report correctly.

    Submit a request for a Reckon Data Service analysis and we can take a look.


    Data Recovery Team