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Peter Norkett
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Hi All,

I had an error from the ATO come up with my first STP report for this financial year & have been submitting STP reports since that have been going through successfully. How do I resubmit the first report? Do I do a full file replacement for that pay event or create an update event file? Or do I even need to resubmit seeing as how every other one has gone through successfully? I have watched the webinar video & it doesn't really explain what you need to do in this instance.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer 


  • Karan Lake
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    you dont need to resubmit, since every report is a Year to date report there is no need to resubmit old reports.
  • Peter Norkett
    Peter Norkett Member Posts: 19
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    Thanks for your help Karen :) i did think that was the case