Last financial year payment.

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Hi I submitted my last payment to my employee though the free reckon App and sent to ATO successfully. But its the last payment of this year (2019~2020) to thos employee but i didnt tick from the Reckon. How can I correct it? I already phoned A TO but they asked me to update by the software, I can't find where to correct it. Can you help me with it thank you. My e-mail address is [email protected]


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    Hi there,
    Just to clarify, you mean that you have employee(s) that are now no longer employed and the last submission you sent through was their last payrun?

    If that's the case, you need to add an end date for these specific employees. You can add an end date to them in their employee profile.
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    So Is just add the date of last day to employee profile ? Because I didn't tick the box which mentioned that was last payment for that employee when I submitted to ATO.
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    I also thought you need to tick the final pay run check box when you're in the create STP report page.  Isn't that how the ATO is supposed to know that its the final pay so that when a person who has left go in and check their My Gov ATO page it will advise that the last payrun has been processed by the employer.  My experience is when you do check the final pay run box it processes it in the last financial year and then rejects/errors because you can pay someone after end of financial year.  For some reason the system doesn't understand that its the final pay run for the current financial year.  Hope this make sense.
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