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Susan Jenkins-Peat
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I got your instructions for Jobkeeper in Payroll Premier, so am I right in saying we don't have to  put the FN001 etc in Allowances, only the TOP-UP in  and the Fortnight starting information has to be put in the ATO Portal but not till early May?  So in effect we are entering two pices of info, one in the STP Portal and one in the ATO Portal


  • Canbelto Ray
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    I would like to know this also because MYOB and Reckon One requires entering the JOBKEEPER-FNXXX so ATO can recognise it when you submit via STP.

    Please advise ASAP!

  • Kid Lightning 101
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    How is there still not an answer to this question? I need to know the same thing. The information is conflicting. ATO says must report eligible employees before 30 April , yet the garbage PP Jobkeeper guide says sit back and do nothing and it will all magically happen.
    At this point, I'd just like an answer to this question to magically happen! 
  • Rav
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    There's nothing in the article that says do nothing and it will magically happen Kid Lightning. The article covers the process in full including the answer to this question.

    I'd suggest you read the 'Defining eligible employees' section in the article to understand how to mark eligible employees which will happen in the ATO Business Portal.