I'm using Payroll Premier and lodge the STP to ATO via Reckon GovConnet, so it has no Job Keeper fu

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that I have to wait until 4 May to identify the eligible employees manually through the Business Portal ??


  • Rav
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    Payroll Premier is slightly different to our other payroll software in the way it can handle Jobkeeper payments. There is a component which needs to go through the ATO Business Portal but please see the full details on the process below -

    Payroll Premier 2019/20 JobKeeper Guide
  • Susan Jenkins-Peat
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    I don't have access to the ATO Business Portal,  I think my boss has, what instructions can I email him to explain what he needs to do ? and when des he need to do this ?
  • Christine Byrne
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    Hi Rav,
    There is no where in the guide that explains how to set up the fortnightly periods for each employee.  Only show how to set up the Allowance.
    SO I have a pay run to do next Tuesday and I have employees that need to be paid for the last two periods as well as next pay period.
    Do I do them all in next pay,  so they will get paid for 3 fortnights obviously adjusting the tax manually??  And how do I show this?