Len Corbett
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We had already submitted the April STP files that were for the JOBKEEPER allowance. I had a new STP file generated so it included the new JOBKEEPER allowance. This was a replacement file which I submitted through the RECKON portal. Now it is showing multiple STP files for the same pay period. Should it do this or remove the original pay file submitted?

I also have looked at the latest pay file we are due to submit this week and it has the JOBKEEPER allowance in it. Should the allowance be removed from each employee and the STP file regenerated?


  • Eric Murphy
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    It won't remove the original file that you submitted, it will still show there and I've been told that is normal.

    Do you mean that you still have the START code in your current payrun due for submission? Looking at other posts in the forum, its ok to have.
  • Len Corbett
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    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the info on the original file remaining there. 
    Yes the JOBKEEPER-START-FN01 allowance is in the latest STP file. Wondering if we should delete the allowance from each employee so it no longer appears in the file, or just leave it and it is no issue? Could not find anything anywhere about this.
  • Rav
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    Hi Len,
    The main thing with the START and FINISH items are to flag to the ATO when the eligible employee enters and exits JobKeeper payments.
    We've received indication from the ATO that its ok for the START item to appear in subsequent pays after the initial one so you don't have to worry.
  • Christine_10538370
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    Hi Rav, but what about if I only had it in the first pay and wasn't able to update the event. Will it still find the link?