Payroll Premier 5 User 2020 Renewal RIP OFF AGAIN!!!

Kylie Stewart_9162934
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2020 Reckon Accounts Premier Manufacturing Edition - 5 User Annual Lic renewal email just received for $1050.00...WTH***

$575, $609, $639, $680, $699, $775, $840, $945 then $999 and now $1050 a year for what ???  to talk to someone that can hardly speak english when you have a problem after waiting 2 hours to get threw IF YOUR LUCKY...and still not have them be able to help solve the problem so we have to register for a call back from ANOTHER limited English speaking person.  Call centres were once in Australia and the staff spoke English, yes real English, when it was Quicken, not Reckon.

So we get all Updates it states, updates THAT CONTINUOUSLY CAUSE MORE PROBLEMS so we get another update to fix the BUGS in the original update !!!

So what is exactly the point of upgrading, oh that's right - tax table updates, as an employer I know that this is very important to have...Oh look at that, IT's FREE from the ATO website.

Improved Template options, only after we have to save them all to an external folder so that we can upload them back into the upgraded version because the updates USUALLY DESTROY THEM but we can make them prettier.

How dare you RECKON...increasing the renewal rates again for no justified reason at all. We have been using Quickbooks since 2007 and get nothing in the of gratitude - no loyalty credits, no phone call to say thank you, no 'just touching base', no english speaking assistance anymore, no discounted rate option for - NO TECH SUPPORT, yes this was an option a few years ago but Reckon took that away and charged us all EXTRA for that supposed privilege, like hell it is!!!  

We have been forced to use TECH support 6 times in 2 years only after things turned to **** from doing an upgrade. Usually within 4 days, spam emails start to bombbard our inbox's, telemarketing phone calls start all over again and twice we have incurred substantial credit card fraud on the card used to pay the business renewals and RECKON is the only we phone them to pay.  Coincidence, paranoid or over reacting ? probably Yes to all 3 but maybe next time you call the centre, try to recall what happens after.  

Reckon billing team, either reduce that UNJUSTIFIED annual renewal fee on all products, show some substantial consideration to those business that haven't been open for months or give everyone a FREE YEAR or see how many people turn away from your product!!!  

Might be time to do what we've been told for years and go to MYOB!!!   

R.I.P Reckon if prices don't get reduced!!!


  • Jennifer_7198859
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    Agree - Got our renewal today - Payroll Premier 2 user $1090. Have a problem with STP and have been waiting for assistance since end of March. Have tried at least 4 times to get a response - NOTHING. As you say, we have been using since 2000 and have been paying through the nose for it. Hosted is not an option as we live in a remote rural location with very patchy internet. Am also seriously considering a change of product

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    This post gave me my laugh for the day. Thanks Kylie! :D

  • Suzanne_9757034
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    I agree with you Kylie. As a bookkeeper my clients use a lot of different software. Reckon seems to have the most technical issues and the support services are the worst especially for what they charge. Quickbooks is not my favorite software but I have to give them an A+ for support. You can generally speak to someone straight away and they are Australian!
  • Kylie Stewart_9162934
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    Hi Suzanne. I seem to recall bookkeeper option in the phone call does get you English speaking, you used to be able to also get a discount on your clients renewal fee as well from memory. Is this still happening?
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    Using Reckon for many years. Prior to 2000 we used In House Accountant. That program was great but got trashed when bought out by Quicken and the head of In House Accountant went across to work on the hosted Quickbooks. The process has developed further with Quickbooks and Reckon moving to on cloud. The greatest observation is that there has been no real change to the accounting and bookkeeping processes with the same old background software but annual licences. The bells and whistles are not needed by many so change comes at a high cost for no benefit whatsoever.

    The changes to meet Government new tax schedules come at an extreme expense bordering on extortion. We are led into a process where the cost of running a business is way out of our control with annual subscriptions and sales of produces and services are simply not needed.

    What ever you do, do not feed the beast. There are ways to get back without paying your well earned to be supported by overseas call centres which are essentially part of the global scamming of corporations.