Payroll Premier Rip off!

Suzanne DiStefanoSuzanne DiStefano Member Posts: 13
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We received an email from Reckon today offering Payroll Premier renewal for 50% discount.  We had already paid our renewal of $630 as we have done every year for the last 15 years or so so I was surprised to see an offer emailed directly to me making an offer of 50% off for first year and 25% off for second year.  I called Reckon to inquire as to why I wasn't offered this when I first renewed and was advised by the team member that was only valid if I didn't renew since 2016.  So I challenged him and said that so if I didn't renew annually and saved the money, I could now have it for half price. I pointed out to him how this was absurd logic and response to the email.  I asked for my a refund for half the amount but was denied.  So now I have to take it further.  Very disappointing way to treat a long term loyal customer.  Below is the email.

Important Notice: The Payroll Premier software you are currently using is not compliant with the ATO. Single Touch Payroll is compulsory for most employers in Australia with 1 or more employees and you need to be reporting your payroll information to the ATO.

It's not too late. Upgrade now to ensure you're STP compliant and to avoid any fines.

With the latest version of Payroll Premier, your payroll information is submitted automatically to the ATO. Say goodbye to annoying EOFY statements and breeze through tax time, all while staying compliant.

Special offer: 50% off the 1st year and 25% off the second year of Reckon Payroll Premier*!

To ensure you breeze through tax time and are STP compliant, we're offering you 50% off an annual licence of Reckon Payroll Premier*. To take up this exclusive offer simply call us on 1300 856 527 before 20 July 2020.


  • Kris_WilliamsKris_Williams Member Posts: 1,216 ✭✭✭
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    Change to Reckon One - $7 per month. I’ve had no problems with that, neither has a friend who changed from Payroll Premier early in the year after many years of Premier
  • Eric MurphyEric Murphy Member Posts: 115
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    Businesses run offers to customer segments all the time. Our business does the same thing, its not exactly something to get up in arms about. You do have the option to simply not take up their offer.
  • Suzanne DiStefanoSuzanne DiStefano Member Posts: 13
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    We had already paid our renewal of $630 when the renewal note was sent on the 20th May.  This offer came out after we had renewed.  It should at least be applied retrospectively.
  • Suzanne DiStefanoSuzanne DiStefano Member Posts: 13
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    Thanks Kris, will check it out.
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