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How do I edit last pay run to end financial year

CathyCathy Member Posts: 1
edited August 2020 in Single Touch Payroll App


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,749 Community Manager
    edited August 2020
    Hi Cathy,
    Do you need to amend the figures for a submission you've already sent off?
    Or do you need to edit the balances that are appearing in the EOFY 2019/20 report in the app?
  • Dane PymbleDane Pymble Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2020
    Hi Rav, I ha've the same issue. I sent off June month end and FY20 year end but need to edit it. When I try and redo I get an error message
  • waleng12waleng12 Member Posts: 1

    How do I edit payment summaries for 20-21 as totals are wrong

  • swakhlu01 .swakhlu01 . Member Posts: 131 ✭✭

    @waleng12 In Reckon STP app (not new Payroll app) refer the document at link below to update payrun to fix the 20/21 summary. If you have to check EFOY summary first also refer the next link below.

    You are refering to an year old post. Generally it is better to create a new post so that Reckon support staff might be able to respond better. Just use the new discussion field (green button on right top of page) afer you select the right category.

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