Change Employee Details with Warning Message

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Hi Reckon Payroll Premier Users,

Every time when making any changes on any employee details, there is a warning message pops out and says "Currently a pay has been prepared for this employee but as yet not processed. Would you like the changes to the employee's details to be reflected in the as yet unprocessed pay".

I spoke to a technical support and he said this is just a system generated message. I can go ahead and ignore it. But I had never seen this before with Version FY2019/20.

Does anyone experience same issue? How to find out the prepared but not processed pay?


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  • Christine Byrne
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    in the previous version  the only time I got this message is if I had prepared the pays but hadn't processed them and had then gone into their master file to change something.
  • Cheryl Medley
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    Yes! I have had it happen a lot throughout the many years I have been using Payroll Premier. It happens when I start a pay then have to go out to make changes to employees. Just tick 'Yes' and all the new information then comes into the next payslip, etc. 
  • Kylie_9377946
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    Yes I have had it happen many a time over the years. If you have started your pay run and entered for example X amount of hours or anything and go then go into the employee card to change something if you tick yes it will erase everything you have entered for that particular employee's pay. If you tick no it won't erase what you have entered but changes wont reflect through ie. if you enter a salary sacrifice amount it wont show in that pay you have already started.
    If your just changing something like the email address I would just tick no so you dont have to re-enter what you have done already for that employee.