Payroll Premier DO NOT need key JobKeeper Start and Finish code

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There has been quite a bit of confusion, and after going to ATO and reading through,  it seem that for Payroll Premier, we DO NOT need to key any Start or Finish code in the payroll system as like many others.  We only need to key the Topup code (where applicable), and then each month, confirm the 'eligible' staff via ATO business portal website.  
So when we do no longer eligible to claim for the Job keeper, we just have to stop using the Topup code + update the 'ineligibility' of the staff via the ATO business portable website.

Can anyone confirm that my understanding is correct?


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    That is what I have done. I had an employee leave so I topped up if needed for their final fortnight then made them ineligible or what ever the selection was in the Business Portal.
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    Great. thank you