My ABN number registered in the STP app is not the correct one.

How do I change the ABN number? Submissions have been made.


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    Hi there @melissa123,

    You can't change an ABN once it has been registered in your app account and in particular, when submissions have been made.

    In saying that, we can take a look into it. What is the (incorrect) ABN you have currently registered to your app account?

    You've mentioned there have been submissions made for it, have any of them been successful? ie. do they show a 'Success' status?

    If not and they show an 'Error' can you let me know the full error message that has been returned from the ATO. Go into one of the submissions and click the 'Review' button.

  • melissa123melissa123 Member Posts: 4

    Hi, I have 2 ABN's linked to my business. They payroll needed to be under the trust.

    So my only option then would be to create a new log on with the correct ABN- how do I reset the submissions for this financial year? As then it would be doubled up correct?

    The Tax office has accepted all previous submissions as that other ABN is also valid.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,879 Administrator

    Thanks for getting back to me @melissa123

    Ok, in that case let's deal with the existing ABN in your account first. What you can do is create an Update Event in the app to reduce any and all balances sent under that ABN back to zero.

    Let's say for example, you've sent through $25,000 gross pay and $500 tax for employee John Smith and $50,000 gross pay for Jane Smith under the current ABN in your app account.

    Create an Update Event for -$25,000 gross pay, -$500 tax for John and -$50,000 gross pay for Jane. Essentially, you just want to bring their balances back to zero by creating an update event which contains negative balances for the totals you've sent through so far.

    There's more info on how to use Update Events to correct balances here -

    HELP GUIDE: How do I update my employee balances in the STP app?

  • melissa123melissa123 Member Posts: 4

    Thanks so much this makes sense now. Can I go back to last financial years as well and fix that up? So from the first transaction? I havnt submitted the EOF year report as yet.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,879 Administrator

    Yes you certainly can @melissa123

    To amend figures from the previous financial year, you need to enter a date in the update event that falls in the previous FY so the app knows which period you are adjusting eg. use 30 June 2020 in your update event to amend balances in the previous 2019/20 FY.

    Also, please ensure you are on the latest version of the STP app, currently v1.13.5 (check your app store for any available updates).

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