Error Submission Declined

Hi Rav

i attempted to submit my payroll for today with the Reckon app but received an error ATO declined submission. I reattempted to submit a second time (not an update) and got the same error result.

what could’ve gone wrong as I did everything the same.

ABN 30205225831


  • Scott EinesScott Eines Member Posts: 34

    Hi Rav

    I attempted an update event in connection with the issue above with the same resulting error

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,886 Administrator

    Hi @Scott Eines

    What was the specific error message you received for the submissions you sent through?

    I believe the ATO may have been having some trouble accepting submissions over the weekend as we've got a couple of reports of something similar. If the error message refers to something along the lines of; ATO/SBR2 service is unavailable etc then its not something you've done but rather its an issue with the transmission service itself.

    Go into the 'Error' submission, click on the 'Review' button and let me know what response has been sent back from the ATO.

  • Scott EinesScott Eines Member Posts: 34

    Hi Rav the below is the error message provided by the ATO

    The value provided to identify the receiving party is not recognised or a request has been made for a service not offered by the receiving party

  • Scott EinesScott Eines Member Posts: 34

    Hi Rav

    Same error message for the attempted pay run and the attempted update event

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,886 Administrator

    Cool thanks @Scott Eines, that's a different error message but ultimately it has the same meaning as the one in my previous reply. Its related to the ATO's SBR2 service which handles STP transmissions to them.

    My recommendation is to send through your submission again as a normal/new pay run like you were initially and it should go through fine now as the service looks to have resumed normal operations.

  • Scott EinesScott Eines Member Posts: 34

    Hi Rav

    i will do that thanks. However the running totals for employees will include the two pay run attempts and will be different for EOY totals. How do I delete those error attempts or can you include a feature that enables adjusting the total employee amounts prior to EOY submissions


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,886 Administrator

    Good call @Scott Eines, yes the pay summary balances will include the balances from those previous submissions as well currently.

    What you can do to correct this is create an Update Event in the app to reduce the balances for your employees back to what they should be in reality. I'll add a link below to our guide on how to use an Update Event to amend & update your balances.

    So lets say, the two submissions were for $5000.00 gross pay and $100.00 tax each for employee John Smith ie. totalling $10000.00 pay and $200.00 tax, then the update event you create will be for -$10000.00 gross pay and -$200.00 tax for the same employee. Basically its just reversing the balances from those previous submissions.

  • HKSHKS Member Posts: 1

    Hi Rav,

    I am having the same issue. My declined pay run message said "ATO services could be experiencing technical issues at the current time, therefore try again later. Alternatively your software may not have been self-certified and is not registered for this action or service. In this situation please contact your software provider". As a result of the decline, the pay run figures are added to the year to date/end of year pay summary while the ATO's STP records don't show the pay run figures.

    As per your recommendations (create and submit a new pay run, and then create an update event later on to reduce the year to date balance), if we create an update event to reduce the year to date balance, would it also change the ATO's STP records (i.e. reduce the pay run figures)?

  • Dianne PoonDianne Poon Member Posts: 35

    Hi, i just went to submit my next STP and saw an error from last weeks upload as follows...

    Do I need to do anything about this? Do I need to resubmit this last payrun as a new payrun?

    If I don't do anything and submit a new payrun for this week will this be okay?

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