Unable to log in


I have been succesfully using the APP and alst week when I went to input a payroll it asked for my log n details and then to search for my ABN or company name. I then pick the corrrect one but it tells me that it is already in use and to log in. I have also updated the app.

Are you able to help me please.



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,886 Administrator

    Hi Lisa,

    It sounds like you might be logging in with a different account/email address from what was previously used when you first created the account & registered your ABN to the app.

    What is the ABN that you registered to your app account previously?

    Is the email address for your app account the same one that is registered to this Community account?

  • weyelliweyelli Member Posts: 2

    Well that would make sense and no doubt i have forgotten it as well. Thank you I have just signed in..

    So silly of me..


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