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Can't log in


I have set up the account but when i log in the following error comes up:

"There was a problem signing you in. An unexpected error occurred. This has been logged for investigation"...   

Prior to this a prompt also showed that the accoount already exists please log in / or you may have multiple branches. When i log to branch 1 (which I have not set up) it tells me this is already in use and won't give me access, when I tried to set up branch 2 it returned the above error.

I not an older feed where this was reported but no solution advised.

My account is set up under the same e mail address as the Reckon Community subscription.

Any guidance would be appreciated thanks.



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,794 Community Manager

    Hi Andrew,

    Just to clarify, have you previously been able to access and submit STP submissions to the ATO successfully?

    Can you let me know the ABN that you have previously set up in your app account.

    Also, can I get you to please confirm that you are on the latest version of the STP app, currently v1.13.5. (Check your app store for any available updates).

  • Living_WarriorLiving_Warrior Member Posts: 4


    Thanks for responding.

    This is a 1st time set up and I have not lodged STP submissions previously.

    I confirm the app version i am using is V1.13.5

    My ABN is 26 098 406 205.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,794 Community Manager

    Thanks @Living_Warrior

    I've just taken a look at your account and it seems there was an error in the registration. I've cleared out the errors but I've also had to delete the account in full so that you can register on the app again and it should come through correctly this time.

    If you can please give it a go when you've got a chance and let me know how you get on that'd be great.

    You'll need to close the app in full ie. swipe it away from your running apps and then click 'Sign Up' (not Login).

  • Living_WarriorLiving_Warrior Member Posts: 4

    Thanks Rav, that all seems to be working now. Appreciate your help.


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