Amending Payment Summary to Exclude a Worker

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Following on from an issue with the STP system adding a terminated employee from a previous Financial year into the last Financial years Payment Summary, the ATO has now asked that I submit an amended Payment Summary, specifically excluding this employee.

Could someone please explain to me how to do this, because when I go to create a summary the employee does not appear there.

I am also still waiting on clarification as to how to correctly terminate an employee from the system so this does not happen again this financial year as we have another employee leave at Christmas.

This issues are urgent and need clarification as the ATO are chasing the employee for payment which is not correct.




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    Hi Martine,

    Terminating an employee in the free STP app can be done simply by entering an End Date to the employment info in their profile.

    ... the ATO has now asked that I submit an amended Payment Summary, specifically excluding this employee.

    In regard to the above, the free STP app does not create payment summaries which is one of the purposes of Single Touch Payroll in an overall sense. All data from our submissions is sent directly to the ATO and also appears in the employee's MyGov account.

    To clarify, are they asking you to send another EOFY finalisation for the 2019/20 year?

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    This is what I had done for the first employee and yet when I did the EOFY finalisation, he appeared in the report that was sent to the ATO, yet no where was he in my records, as I had entered his end date as 9 June 2019. This was obviously a glitch from Reckon that has caused all this concern and issues for both employee and empoloyer, which has been ongoing for months now and is still not rectified.

    According to the employee the ATO has asked for an amended payment summary, all we have provided for the EOFY was what Reckon has submitted through the STP App. There doesn't seem to be anything more I can do from my app as such but they are demanding it is sorted out, but my records show he was terminated on the 9 June 2019 and yet he appears in the summary for 2019/20 which he wasn't employed.

    I fear that this will also happen with the newly terminated employee as I have only completed the same steps to terminate him in the Reckon App. What do I do to resolve these issues please?

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    The first thing I suggest you do is go through your submissions and verify that this particular employee is or is not included in any submissions that are dated for the respective financial year.

    I have not come across any previous instances of the scenario you're describing. If you attempt to create a NEW 2019/20 EOFY finalisation report in the app, does this employee appear there? If so, then the only cause I can suggest is they may potentially be part of a submission that falls within the year.

    As I've previously mentioned, the free app does not create payment summaries. If the ATO are asking you to create an Update Event to remove the balances for the employee from the 2019/20 year you will need to remove their end date, create an Update Event and then send through a new EOFY finalisation. I'll link some info on both of these below -

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    I have previously been through the whole year to check that he did not appear in any pay submissions and he didn't, he never showed up as an option to select after i ended his employment, which is why I found it unusual.

    I will have a look at your links, we haven't submitted a payment summary either, only what the STP program submitted.

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