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Tried nominate employee for job maker, but nothing happened in business portal

Hi There,

I tried nominate employee on Payroll app 2 times, followed all the steps shows in the page https://help.reckon.com/article/u3qhfnuoob

But there is nothing shows in business portal on ATO website.

Does Payroll app submit all nominate information to ATO?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,091 Administrator

    Hi @MIchelle PANG

    Have you sent through any submissions via STP that include the JobMaker-eligible employees?

    Also, keep in mind the ATO has a 3 business day turnaround time on processing on their end so any changes etc may take a bit of time to appear if you've only sent a submission recently.

  • MIchelle PANGMIchelle PANG Member Posts: 4

    Hi @Rav

    Thanks for your reply, Yes I sent through via STP include the JobMaker-eligible employee. I submitted the third times on last Thursday, I checked today it still haven't show anything in business portal at ATO website.

    As I understand if the employee not eligible or the information missing it should still shows in business portal under Job-maker section.

    Could you please give any advice?



  • Cheryl08Cheryl08 Member Posts: 5

    I am having the same problems with JobMaker. I have processed 3 times - following the instructions / set up the new allowances etc - can see the STP being received but nothing for eligible employee - and have waited the 72 hours each time. Can this be reviewed ASAP. Our client is getting frustrated as are we.

    Thank You

  • Cheryl08Cheryl08 Member Posts: 5

    Hi @Rav just following up query regarding JobMaker (see above). Please advise at earliest. Thank You

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,091 Administrator

    Hi guys,

    I need some more info relating to how you've set up the JobMaker nomination and period allowance items and employees in the Payroll app. Its absolutely crucial that the items are created and spelled exactly as they are in the guide I'm going to link below. That is, upper case characters, hyphen and NOT an underscore etc.

    Also, are the employees eligible? If so, have all of their required information been completed in the relevant fields in their profile ie. the points in the 'Eligibility' and 'Setting up' sections.

  • Cheryl08Cheryl08 Member Posts: 5

    Hi @Rav

    Our client has the App on their phone !!

    However we have checked the set up several times along with with allowances.

    I would need to get the client back into the office (for probably the 6th time to sort this out).

    Do you have any other suggestions ??

  • Cheryl08Cheryl08 Member Posts: 5

    Hi @Rav

    Our client is calling into the office again in about 10 minutes - can i contact you direct ???

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,091 Administrator

    @Cheryl08 the better idea would be to chat with one of our technicians when the client is with you. The Reckon Payroll App comes with free technical support so when they're in give us a buzz on 1300 756 663 option 4, then option 1.

    To confirm, is your client using the Payroll app OR the free STP app? The reason I ask is, the free STP app cannot send JobMaker nominations so just need to confirm that.

  • Cheryl08Cheryl08 Member Posts: 5

    HI @Rav

    No we have upgraded to the new app - migrated all data to new app.

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