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Delete account

jp9101jp9101 Member Posts: 1

i just created an account but have decided not to use this app. Can you please delete my account and all details related to this ABN


  • Deepak GyawaliDeepak Gyawali Reckon Staff Posts: 57
    edited May 7

    HI JP9101,

    I have sent you a message with more information i require, please pass it on to me for me to delete your account.

    Kind regards,

    Deepak Gyawali

  • anitacoolanitacool Member Posts: 9

    Hi Deepak

    I have the same issue. I have set up an account on the STP App but haven't used it and no longer need it. Am I able to delete the account, associated SSID, email and ABN?

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,570 Community Manager

    Hi @anitacool

    We can definitely take a look. We can only delete accounts if there have been no submissions sent to the ATO at all, regardless of its status ie. Error, Pending, Status.

    If you'd like to send through your ABN that you've registered to the STP app account I can check it out.

  • anitacoolanitacool Member Posts: 9

    Thanks Rav, there haven't been any submissions

    ABN 28 491 493 312

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