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Payroll App - tax

SystemSystem Member Posts: 29 Community Manager
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  • Pam BrazierPam Brazier Member Posts: 13

    I have a problem with the Reckon Payroll App in that it calculates tax and super for me. We only have 3 employees and one pays a set amount of tax per pay which is more than required and another is paid super even when their monthly earnings are below the $450. Have I missed something as I can’t find a work around for these issues.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,597 Community Manager

    Hi @Pam Brazier

    Manually editing or overriding the employee tax component isn't available in the Payroll App at this stage however our devs are actually working on this functionality as we speak. They've let me know it will be rolled out to the Payroll App before EOFY.

  • Pam BrazierPam Brazier Member Posts: 13

    Thank you for your reply. Are they also working on being able to pay super for the employee who earns under $450 per month?

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