Leave entitlements problem for casual employees

AlexisAlexis Member Posts: 27

Hi, I am unable to save any edits to my casual employees info and by default unable to create a pay run because the app keeps asking me to enter annual leave entitlement hours for casual employees. Yes I have ticked the casual box under employment status. I tried entering 0 but it says that number must be between 1-100. Please help. Thank you.



  • AlexisAlexis Member Posts: 27
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    This is for the new STP payroll app.

  • monarodudemonarodude Member Posts: 6

    I have exactly the same problem Alexis.

    Have you managed to get around the issue as yet?


  • AlexisAlexis Member Posts: 27

    Hi Craig. No I haven’t. Waiting patiently for someone to get back to me here.

  • AlexisAlexis Member Posts: 27

    Can I ask what dummy info you used? I can get it to accept 1 hour annual leave at 1% leave loading. And 1 hour annual personal leave. But it is still technically wrong.

  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 10

    Agree it is technically wrong and we shouldn't have to do this but the app will not accept 0% for annual leave loading. I entered 1%! For many of the other fields I entered the default setting displayed. For hourly rate I entered the monthly gross $$ and then said they worked one hour for the month. Stupid I agree but this then created a pay run with the correct monthly gross salary. We all need to complain and be allowed to:

    1. Get out of having to use the "free trial Premium " product for our next pay run.
    2. Be permitted to remove the dummy information for the recent pay run.
  • AlexisAlexis Member Posts: 27

    Thanks. I opted out of the premium and started using the basic plan before I attempted this first new payrun and it is still asking for all the extra info. So frustrating. The other app was so easy to use once they ironed out a few dodgy glitches.

  • monarodudemonarodude Member Posts: 6

    If i can't get a resolution with this issue before the end of the week when i need to submit a new pay run, i may have to look for another provider.

    I have read a little at clockon, so may have to use them which i don't want to do.

    I was extremely happy with the old version of the Reckon app.

    Hopefully someone from Reckon will respond to our concerns and help us move forward.

  • AlexisAlexis Member Posts: 27
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    monarodude, I was able to save the casual employees with 0 hours in personal and annual leave by putting 1% in the leave loading box and 0 in the other ones. With the 0 hours accepted the 1% is ultimately irrelevant but does the trick with letting you save the info. I hadn’t thought of going back and trying to get it to accept the 0’s again with the leave loading at 1%. I assumed they all had to be a number greater than 1. Hope this works for you too.

  • monarodudemonarodude Member Posts: 6

    Yay it worked.

    Thanks very much Alexis

  • Kylie HoughKylie Hough Member Posts: 14

    I miss the old app already and it's only July 1!!!!

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