Enter pay dollars

I am a closely held payee of my company. Hours, hourly rates are irrelevant to me as business owner. An option to simply enter gross dollars paid, tax withheld and super paid would make much more sense for users like me. Also, I will be reporting quarterly. Need to add quarterly option to pay cyc


  • Denis Dwyer
    Denis Dwyer Member Posts: 3

    Instead of using "ordinary" pay, I tried using "Bonus". With "Bonus" I could enter dollars for gross pay, and dollars withheld for tax. BUT, I couldn't enter SGC dollars !!! or even set 10% - the system didn't take it out.

    The application is very close to having what I (and many others need) i.e., to simply enter gross dollars paid, tax withheld as dollars and super paid as dollars. For very small business and closely held payees, it make no sense to have the complication of hours and hourly rates.

    I have seen a post that Reckon are working on a dollar option to be "ready before EOFY".

    Might I have an update?