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Attempting to migrate

SystemSystem Member Posts: 112 Community Manager
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  • OzJoOzJo Member Posts: 18

    Hi Rav

    I have finally got back to looking at moving to the new app - I have had trouble as per all the previous message to and fro. I am at the stage where it hasn't migrated anything over and is asking me to enter employees - it hasn't migrated anything so may need to be restet. I'd like to sort this today please


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,749 Community Manager


    Your migration status has been reset again. Can you please follow these steps below -

    • Close the Payroll App in full ie. swipe it away from your running apps (IMPORTANT).
    • Head over to this page - preferably on a PC
    • Sign in with the same email address and password that you use for the STP app
    • Follow the prompts to migrate. It should take you through and migrate your STP app data over and once complete you'll then just be able to login to the Payroll App on your phone.

    Let me know how you get on.

  • OzJoOzJo Member Posts: 18
    edited June 29

    Rav - what does "swipe it away from your running apps mean? - no worries I know

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,749 Community Manager

    Just how you normally close down apps in full on your phone. It depends on which phone you're using but I've made a quick screen recording on what it looks like on my phone below -

  • OzJoOzJo Member Posts: 18

    Sorry I did change the comment to let you know - I looked it up on google

  • OzJoOzJo Member Posts: 18

    Rav I did what you said and I have two little blue dots on my pc screen and the tab has been for about 5 mins changing all the time from the words "reckon payroll"to the "website address" is this what it is supposed to be doing

  • OzJoOzJo Member Posts: 18
    edited June 29

    Ok I logged in and it just keeps doing this - has 2 or three wee blue dots and just keeps changing as I said at the tab . I am over this I think I will just use something else for next year - How do I do my EOFY tho?

    I have had a look at my EOFY and I have 2 months where the submitted STP were declined by the ATO.

    The amounts on both of these have been included in my EOFY which has made the EOFY figures totally wrong -

    How can I correct this?

  • OzJoOzJo Member Posts: 18

    Hi Rav

    As I haven't been able to migrate to the new version - even though you have reset it for me it is still saying that ABN has been used.

    Am I able to fix the data in the EOFY draft that is showing an incorrect balance like many others. The ATO rejected 2 (due to either your system or their system being down and it has included those figures in the EOFY). I tried following the very clear instructions of TLee below but it doesn't seem to work on the old version? Can you help Please?

    i spent hours on this today and did the best I could just to manipulate the figures correctly onto the EOFY report to submit to ATO. I’ll try a step by step description of what I did. (Ofcourse this could be totally wrong but it got me a correct figure report to send in!).

    1. open the App and along the bottom click on EMPLOYEES. Click on the employee you need to edit.
    2. click on top tab PAY SUMMARY.
    3. click on the financial year yr working on (eg 2020-2021).
    4. on top right corner click on the … (3 dots) and choose EDIT on the drop down.
    5. top left click on the correct financial year again.
    6. edit each item as necessary and press SAVE once finished for that employee.
    7. when you look at the summary of the employee in this area it may be different to how it shows in the EOFY summary, So to check the EOFY figure for that employee is now correct continue on to next step.
    8. along the bottom tab options click on PAYRUNS.
    9. click on the top row tab EOFY.
    10. click on the + sign in top right corner and choose End of Financial Year Option.
    11. go through the list and check that each employee has the correct EOFY details.
    12. NOTE - if the amount is still not correct, work out the difference and with that difference figure get yourself back to step 6 above and subtract the difference from the figure you had in there. Save and go check again in the EOFY area, it should have fixed it. Hope this helps you, but mostly hope I’ve done the right thing! 

  • SystemSystem Member Posts: 112 Community Manager
    This discussion was created from comments split from: Migration.
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,749 Community Manager


    That process will work in the Payroll App however the old STP app does things differently.

    Firstly though, I'm really sorry you're having such a hard time in getting migrated across to the Payroll App. I honestly don't see a reason why its preventing you from doing so.

    If you'd like to process your EOFY finalisation in the old STP app but need to correct your employee balances first then you need to create an Update Event in the STP app.

    Example - Employee John Smith has a total gross pay of $1000.00 reported so far whereas it should be $800.00 in reality. The Update Event you create for John Smith will then be -$200.00.

    An important thing to note is, your Update Event MUST be dated for the financial year that you're adjusting balances for. So if you're amending balances in the just completed 2020/21 year then make sure your update event is dated in that year eg. 30 June 2021 or some other date in that year.

    I'll link a help guide below which outlines in more detail how to create and use an Update Event -

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