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Hi Rav,

What does it mean when this error appears - it randomly does it sporadically. It did it with Payroll Premier 20/21 and is still doing it with Payroll Premier 21/22?


  • Alex_10836088
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    Watching with interest on this one - happens to us on average every few weeks and resulting in corrupted file about half the times it happens. We now do 3 backups per day specifically because of this.

    We do have multiuser setup (1 server + 1 workstation) but went to single setup to rule out network issues that Reckon seems to 'blame' - made no difference..

    Our PCs are modern/high-end specs, not running other software except MS Office and Symantec AV. Network is solid and never seen examples of lost data (copy DB file and see if byte size changes)

    Calling Reckon support, we're always told to move to their hosted Reckon Accounts but that doesn't provide the same level of rules/functionality that's in Payroll Premier that we need.

    We've built new files, cleaned old data etc and have reached conclusion that this is 'just the way it is' - regular backups and be prepared to loose some data from time to time.

    Would love to see some suggestions or a fix for this

  • Kali
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    Hi Alex,

    100% agree and support everything you have said. It's extremely frustrating isn't it. We too do regular internal backups as corrupt files happen all the time.

    When it comes to a payroll file, it really isnt good enough - in my opinion.

    Errors/issues from year to year keep happening with no resolution -I just don't understand why these things aren't fixed.

    I too need the higher specs in Payroll Premier so moving to Reckon Accounts is not a solution for me either.

    Thanks for your comment - it's good to know i am not the only one with these similar issues. As we also get the "it's your end that is the issue".