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EOFY STP not showing in customer portal

Suzanne DiStefanoSuzanne DiStefano Member Posts: 19
edited July 2021 in Payroll Premier

I have exported our EOFY year STP however when I load it in the portal, a 'success' banner is displayed however it is not showing in the list of reports submitted. Also, there isn't a dialogue box coming up asking for my name with a 'submit' button. It seems that the report is trying to load from where the browser points to in the 'export' folder.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,798 Community Manager

    Hi Suzanne,

    Do you have more than one Reckon product in your GovConnect service?

    If so, have you selected 'Payroll Premier' before you click the Upload button?

    Example: I have all four products in my GovConnect as you'll see in the screenshot below. I just need to select which product to upload to and you'll see I've selected Payroll Premier in the screenshot.

    Also, has the file that you're uploading been created as a EOFY finalisation event AND are you selecting the 'Finalise Year' option on the selection screen?

  • Suzanne DiStefanoSuzanne DiStefano Member Posts: 19

    Hi Rav,

    Thanks for the reply. I only have Payroll Premier. Does it have anything to do with the fact that I submitted the weekly pay run and then tried to do the EOFY file? I wouldn't think so as I have done that before. Thanks

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,798 Community Manager

    No that is totally fine to do and shouldn't cause any trouble.

    Can I just confirm, was your EOFY finalisation submission CREATED as an EOFY submission in Payroll Premier itself ie. did you select the option before it was created in the software as outlined in this guide?

  • Suzanne DiStefanoSuzanne DiStefano Member Posts: 19

    Hi Rav,

    That is the exact process we follow, I still have the instructions printed out from last year.

    Is it right that there is no dialogue box coming up asking for my name and then requiring me to actually click the 'submit' button (which we do on a normal weekly submission)? I thought it odd that, that step isn't happening.

  • KaliKali Member Posts: 215 ✭✭

    Hi Suzanne,

    No, it should come up. It did for all my companies.



  • Suzanne DiStefanoSuzanne DiStefano Member Posts: 19

    Hi Kali, thanks for your advice. We think we have resolved it so will try to resubmit.

  • Cheryl MedleyCheryl Medley Member Posts: 44

    I made some contact last week with a similar problem but I have no idea where those comments ended up. I use Payroll Premier and I have 6 payrolls that need to be finalised. But first, the last two weeks of uploads have the error message coming up. When I click on 'here' to find out what the message is, it just says 'error message'. Is there an easy explanation? Nothing has changed with any of the files from previous uploads. I have uploaded another file (another job!) within Reckon Hosted and I don't believe there was a problem with that, just the Reckon Premier.

    Then today I have tried to upload EOFY reports for another entity who also used Reckon Premier. Totally different contact, ID, the whole works! There are two uploads involved but only one has been successful. That payroll finished on 28th February, the payroll officer involved has retired and now I need to finish everything off for these people.

    I would really love some answers! Cheers, Cheryl at Burdekin Book-Keeping Services, Ayr.

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