Unfinalise STP Pay Event

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Hi, I accidentally lodged a finalised year for 2021/22 instead of 2020/21. I've spoken to the ATO and they said I need to do an update event, zero out figures and resubmit it. They also suggested to unfinalise the pay event if possible. Does anyone know if you can, or how to unfinalise a pay event?


  • Rav
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    Once you send through a submission for that same financial year AFTER an EOFY finalisation it then 'unfinalises' those employees.

    So for example, you've sent an EOFY finalisation for 2021/22 in error, once you send through the Update Event which will be for 2021/22 as well it will automatically unfinalise all those employees again.

  • Kristy
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    Ok, great, thanks Rav.