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Good afternoon,

Is there a step by step guide to terminating an employee. My predecessor had created their own guide, but it looks like it's a bit out of date.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • JPK1969
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    Further to the above:

    Did a termination for an employee yesterday. Tried to process 15 hours ordinary and 15 hours annual leave. The pay slip and bank file only paid the ordinary time. The employee record shows 0 hours in annual leave balance. The STP file uploaded has the full amount of ordinary time and annual leave.

    What is going on here??

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    Have you seen the Payroll Premier user guide as yet? Its a couple of years old now but the info is still relevant and should help you out, I'll link it here.

    Terminating an employee is on page 77 of the guide.

    As for your 2nd question, its hard to say what's happening there at this stage. The best bet would be for you to have a chat with our tech support team so a technician can take a closer look at this with you.

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    @Rav Had a look at the User Guide. It shows where to enter hours for any unpaid work. Doesn't mention paying out annual leave owing. So I do enter the leave on that same screen or click on next until I get to Outstanding Annual Leave?