STP pay run and manual bank transfer both appearing as expense and inflating P&L

Salary expenses for P&L are inflated. This appears because the STP pay run is showing as an expense as well as the bank transfer. I don't quite understand how my monthly bank reconciliation could balance when the P&L expenses are now nearly doubled!

My payroll settings appear correct (per Reckon YouTube Payroll set up guide). How can I resolve this as am trying to generate P&L for the AGM.


  • swakhlu01 .swakhlu01 . Member Posts: 239 ✭✭✭

    @Warragamba Baptist Church I think you may have posted this query into the wrong category considering it seems to be concerning the Reckon Accounts Hosted product and not the Reckon Payroll app. In view of your urgency a better option might be to call Reckon Customer support directly - 1800 732 566

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