Transfer of employee entitlements to a new company


Hi, I have a bit of a complex situation and not sure what to do. On March 31 my husband and I retired from our company. One of our employees has taken on the business...same name different ABN. As part of the deal of transfer he is forfeiting all his A/L and LSL entitlements to us as of that date. Our other employee has transferred to the new company along with his accrued entitlements. I have completed the last payrun for our company and lodged STP (not as a final event though). What I am not sure about is how to handle terminating all employees in our Company as the wizard lists termination payments as part of the process. Do I just set them all to zero as we have not paid any? The new company has one employee starting with his entitlements set to zero whilst the other employee's entitlements were transferred straight accross. Also do I run payment summaries now and complete EOFY processing or wait til the 30th June? Also how to handle STP?????