Requesting assistance upgrading

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Hi Team,

We use payroll premier from 2014/15 & would like to upgrade to the latest version or organize a full export of our data. Can you please get in touch and we can discuss options?


Anthony B.



  • Eric Murphy
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    How have you been submitting STP up until now if you're using 2014? Sounds strange.

    Reckon have an upgrade document that should give you all the information you need.

  • NCS
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    Hi Eric, Thanks for this

    We use a different application for this now, premier is being used to access very old staff records - Admin staff have explained it's vital that we can access to payroll premier at times but this older version is keeping us on an older version of windows which I'm looking to upgrade. The proposed solution is to upgrade to the latest version of payroll premier but I'm open to alternative solutions if you have any,

    Thanks mate!