Unable to email pay slips

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I have tried unsuccessfully to send the latest payslips. Each time I press "email" the system creates an INB Payment Summaries file.

Haven't had any problems emailing pay slips prior to this.

We are using the 22/23 system


  • Rav
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    Hi @896697

    This will occur when your company file name or company information has more than 30 characters, or has commas in the name.

    • Locate the saved location of your data file, usually in C:\Program Files\QPRollvXX\Data (where XX represents the version of your software).
    • Right click the data file and select Rename
    • Reduce/rename the file name to no more than 30 characters and click OK
    • Locate a file called QCompany.TPS from the same default location
    • Right click QCompany.TPS and select Delete
    • Click OK
    • Open your Payroll Premier
    • Select your data file and click OK
    • From the File menu, select Company Information
    • Reduce/rename the company name to no more than 30 characters and click OK