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Emily 182
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Can i have some advice please?

I have a employee who has resigned and i have processed his termination pay through termination wizard in payroll premier to pay out his unsued annual leave.

When i have run the STP report the final event coloum is marked “NO” should it be marked "YES" as its his final termination payment?

This is my first termination pay i have had to do since starting STP and wanted to clarify what is the correct procedure. Many thanks - Regards Emily


  • 261557
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    Hi Emily did you ever get an answer to this? I am also currently trying to terminate an employee which I can do but there is nothing showing up in STP reports when trying to export

  • Emily 182
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    I didn't receive any replies unfortunately.

    I processed the final payment and I ticked a Yes as the final event when I ran the STP report. I hope its right way to do it?? When i uploaded through Gov Connect it marked it as a final event for the terminated employee.

    Are you having trouble finding the STP file after processing the termination payment?

    I did as well, go to reports, single touch payroll, process STP reports, top left corner where is shows the recent files if you scroll up to the top it should have your file your after. Will have the date you terminated the employee and say "TERM OF (EMPLOYEES NAME).

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    disregard. I found my answer

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    @261557 did you get a reply to your STP problem. I am currently having the same issue with a terminated employee with no details coming up in STP report

  • 261557
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    @Katrina_Evans I did not but I followed the steps that Emily 182 provided

  • Kylie_9377946
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    I have just process another ETP and now nothing even comes up for the usual employees not the terminated one. No luck yet looking into it this morning will let you know if I find anything out.

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    Hi guys

    Check out the info in this guide below, hopefully it helps -

    If you're still having trouble after trying the above, give our technical support team a buzz and a technician can take a closer look.