Amend STP finalisation

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Payroll STP EOFY finalisation was processed for 2023. (Early done as business sold) But there were error in a particular pay run done for some employees, so those pays the 4 employees were corrected and an updated was lodged only for those employees (That particular pay run). My question is do we need to lodge the STP year end finalisation again? As by default if we click on 'End of Financial Year' in STP reporting it runs a report for all employees with no option of deselecting any. Or do we just do the STP for that particular Pay run with update and final event as Yes?



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    Hi @PaulSingh

    Yes you will need to send through a new EOFY finalisation now that you've made the necessary corrections. Doing so will overwrite any and all previous balances that you've sent along with marking the FY as finalised on the ATO's end.

  • PaulSingh
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    Thanks for the clarification Rav.