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Hi Rav,

I missed the latest STP2 "Review" webinar and I was wondering if it is really necessary to watch it?

I watched the first STP2 webinar on 6/6/2023 and would like to know how the latest webinar is any different regarding information I thought was already given.

I want to be up to speed for when the Payroll Premier with STP2 features is launched.



  • Rav
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    Hi Jane

    I'm not across the webinars but from what I understand, there will likely be a bit of overlap in some content however this specific review webinar will focus on some of the key setup and tasks that have come about with the implementation of STP Phase 2 which might be useful for you in understanding the new requirements that pertain to Phase 2.

    Also, the topics that the STP Phase 2 Review webinar will touch on specifically are HERE.

    Now in regard to Payroll Premier and its upcoming upgrade, we're going to be holding some webinars on this specifically very soon as well that will cover what that will look like from a product perspective including important things to know so keep an eye out for info on these coming very soon.