Reckon Accounts Personal Plus - Discontinued?

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I have noticed that there was no update for Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2022 in 2023 or so far in 2024 (17/01/2023).

I know that Reckon seem to do very little in the way of improvement or development for this software as it seems to no longer be a focus for their business going forward for two main reasons.

  1. It is a consumer (NOT business oriented) focused product.
  2. It is a desktop application while most of their other products are online / hosted offerings.

This product really has never had any peer to compare it too as it was always just so much better and uniquely superior.

Sadly, most of the development to achieve this superiority, I suspect, was undertaken by Intuit in the US before it was purchased by Reckon Australia.

Since this purchase, the software has change very little and now looks rather dated.

Despite it's lack of recent innovation and it's dated appearance it is still a very useful product that offers a unique set of features and functionality.

I am concerned that it appears this product is about to be discontinued and removed from the Reckon product lineup altogether.

If this is the case, what will Reckon offer it's consumer based customers as a replacement?

Is Reckon planning to exit the 'consumer product' space entirely?

I am hoping that someone from Reckon can shed some light on the future of this old, but very useful product I have been using for about 20 years.

Please Reckon, if you do plan on casting your consumer based customers adrift, at least give us some time to make alternative software arrangements.


  • Ross Johnson
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    I couldn't agree more - please reckon, provide a software update so that when we log on we can go straight to the program and not to a dialog box requiring us to either purchase the software or to cotact Support.

  • Kangajoe
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    Hi Ross,

    I found this information in Whirlpool very useful!

    I have been using Quicken Deluxe 2013 for a couple of weeks now and found it better in many ways than my current Reckon version!

  • Ross Johnson
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    Thanks for the info. I had a look at the comments and agree entirely with the sentiments expressed. Unfortunately, I have to stay with my Australian version as apart from looking after my day-to-day affairs, I use it extensively for monitoring investments and share price updates.

  • Steve_2218070
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    I use Reckon for Australian investments as well so it is not an option for me.

    In this thread Gerry Winters comments that they are building Reckon One to do what our Personal Plus does now but it wont happen for a while:

  • Kangajoe
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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Yes, I too used to use Reckon Personal Plus to record and track my share portfolio.

    Since using the FREE version of Quicken Deluxe 2013 for a few weeks I have found the following differences:

    1. Quicken Deluxe 2013 is completely FREE, doesn't require any registration, installation keys and can be installed on as many devices as you like!
    2. It also imported my Reckon files superbly and is laid out exactly the same way as it was in the Reckon version.
    3. I can still track my share portfolio, I just need to update the daily prices manually, which only takes a few minutes.
    4. Recording a franked dividend requires 3 separate transactions in Quicken compared to one in Reckon. This is not at all difficult after you have done the first one!
    5. Quicken Deluxe 2013 has more features than the older Reckon version including the ability to increase the font size, which I have found very useful.
    6. It also opens and works faster than the older version of Reckon.
    7. After applying the tweaks in the Whirlpool post (listed above) Quicken Deluxe 2013 works incredibly well and I would never go back to the outdated Reckon version!

    As far as waiting for Reckon to cobble something together for the consumer market, well this is how I see the situation. Reckon has done ZERO development in the consumer space since it bought the Quicken products back in 2012 (12 years ago)!

    I think the reason for this is that the Australian consumer market is so small that it just thought it was not economically viable to spend the cash.

    Despite what Gerry says I think we can be almost certain that there will NEVER be a Reckon product that looks anything like a new version of the current Reckon Personal Plus. Sure, Reckon One is fine for businesses who can afford to pay $500 per year for it.

    The only problem is that Reckon One is for businesses that need to record invoices, purchase orders, GST, generate BAS reports etc. Which is really nothing like what you and I as consumers want or need.

    I have noticed that Reckon have recently discounted this platform to increase the subscriber base for Reckon One, while you can hardly find any reference at all to anything vaguely resembling a consumer based product on their website.

    Reckon just don't do personal, consumer based accounting products (desktop or cloud) anymore, and I don't believe they ever will again!

    I hope for your sake I am wrong. Good luck with your accounting and your investment portfolio too!

  • Steve_2218070
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    Thank you for your very detailed reply Adrian. I think you have convinced me to give the Quicken version a try although I am concerned about this not being a long term solution over years. I do think you are correct about Reckon and personal accounting products which is ashame.

    I was using Quicken long before Reckon bought it for Australian users and it is a bit sad that there is no alternative product out there that does anything simliar.


  • Kangajoe
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    Hi Steve,

    I agree that it is a shame that we have been somewhat 'left in the lurch' by circumstances beyond our control.

    Yes, Quicken Deluxe 2013 is probably not the most ideal solution moving forward, but given the choices that we have been offered by Reckon Australia it actually looks fairly attractive, at least for the medium term.

    The safest way to try out the Quicken version is to copy your current data folder, usually located on the C:\ drive in the Documents folder and curiously labelled 'Quicken'.

    Once you have a copy (in case things go pear shaped) you can then use the copy to test the Quicken 2013.

    Remember, you can't have Reckon PP and Quicken installed on the same machine, so if you have another PC or laptop laying around, maybe install it on that first.

    Then all you have to do is tell your new Quicken Deluxe 2013 where the copied data file is and it will 'up-convert it' in a couple of minutes and you will be set to go!

    Also, apply the tweaks mentioned in the Whirlpool post to get rid of the 'Please Register' reminder and tweak the Tax info if you would like to.

    I'm sure anyone who tries this version won't be disappointed with the result!

    Who knows, one day Quicken Deluxe 2018 may become a free deprecated version and we can upgrade to that?

  • Steve_2218070
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    Thank you. I will try that. Thanks for the tip about doing it on a different machine. I don't want to delete my Reckon installation at this stage.

    How about a 2024 version of Quicken Deluxe?!

  • Kangajoe
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    Hi Steve, No, you can't use a 2024 version of Quicken unless you want to purchase a subscription and they seem to be specifically for the US and Canada.

    Quicken Deluxe 2013 is the only fully free to download and use version (also unsupported).

    The beauty of it is that it seems to be a later version compared with the Reckon PP we are currently using.

    It would seem that Reckon PP 2022 is built on a version of Quicken from around 2011.

    Another option for your trial installation is to install it on a Virtual Machine (VM), if you are familiar with how these work. For instance Windows 11 Pro supports VMs via its Hyper-V software, but Windows 11 Home does not support VMs or Hyper-V.

    Another option for VM installation is Oracle Virtual Box, which is free and can run on W11 Home last time I checked:)

    Simpler still is using an old laptop as Quicken will install onto almost any old Windows based machine and you won't need that annoying installation key!

  • Horace56
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    I use Reckon Personal Plus 2015 and prior to this used Quickbooks, then Quicken 2010/11 for a number of years. I have found personal plus 2015 to be excellent and it does all required to manage personal finances and a SMSF investment portfolio.

    When first went looking for an all in one solution many years ago, Quicken 2010 was by far the best and the only one at the time that 'did it all' and did well in accordance with standard accounting practices. Even handling franking credits etc.

    I would suggest the issue Reckon Aus has is with its US parent, like the majority of US software companies, they only want cloud based subscription software because subscriptions mean committent lock in and reluctance to change, therefore creating a steadily increasing revenue year on year. Whereas selling individual 'box' based software licences via retail outlets does not generate a consistent revenue flow or regular upgrades as the majority of individual users (the likes of us) will sit on what works well for years. In this case Quicken and Reckon.