Someone please respond to me this is my third message!

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I need my software ID someone please help me. Ive tried calling noone can help they refer me here but yet no one responds.... Im using Reckon STP on my iphone. Ive submitted the pay and now there is an error. ATO thinks maybe it could be linked to the software ID which i cant find! please help...


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    If I remember correctly the software ID was a 'write this down' thing when installing the app.

    Also presumably it should display on the settings tab on the app on the iPhone ... but if yours is like mine the settings tab is blank (which of course it shouldn't be, but the poor old Reckon App has a few 'features' no self-respecting App should have !)  
  • Briolynn KennedyBriolynn Kennedy Member Posts: 4
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    Appreciate your replies but unfortunately still no luck. The settings on the app is blank as you mentioned.

    And using the link above i havent connected "GovConnect" yet as I need to do it off my phone for now I dont want to link it yet via the computer......

    Any other way i can get my Software ID? This system seems impossible.....
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    Just waiting to see if everyone's software ID is the same or not - but this is where mine showed up during installation of the free STP Mobile payroll APP on my mibile,  as RAV indicated in this article:

    Sorry,m my earlier answer was for Reckon ONE (incorrect product - sorry about that).

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    Briolynn, try the Settings tab again in your app. Mine was blank a few days ago, but they must have fixed something at Reckon so today it’s showing proper details including the software ID.
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    Hello, I noticed when you select settings in the app if you then select help and support the next time you select settings it's in the help and support page. If this happens select the arrow back at the top left and it takes you back to the original settings page which is where you'll find your software ID. Hope that helps.
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