Update event - FY 19/20 numbers incorrect after submission and approval by ATO

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Can someone please help me? I have submitted the final numbers for fy 19/20, which was approved by ATO. However, upon realisation post submission the numbers inputted were incorrect. ATO have advised to create an update event and input the total correct number for the total fy 19/20, but the app asks for pay date. Do I select 30th June and enter the total fy 19/20 number? Or do I have to go back and fix every payment for the year?


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    Hi Simon,
    You're on the right track, when you create the update event date it as 30 June 2020 however enter the balances you are adjusting each employee by in the relevant fields.

    So for example, if you see Employee John Smith's Pay Summary figure as $40,000 gross pay whereas in reality it should be $35,000.00 then the update event you create for John Smith will be -$5000.00 gross pay.

    You don't have to go back and fix every submission for the year.
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    More info on Update Events here -
    HELP GUIDE: How do I update my employee's YTD balances in the STP app?
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    i followed Ravs advice on doing the adjustement and sending the info to ATO, but my accountant recieved the ATO details and the APP stuffs up all the totals and what you send via REckon doesn't correspond with official ATO recieved totals. i have to switch over to MYOB now. Reckon is just not good at all. wasting our time fixing the totals , while on the other end the ATO recieves the wrong totals. so Adjusting seems like its working on your mobile the totals, but ato on the other side doesn't reiceve the correct totals. .
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