Remove ABN from Payroll App

Hi, I downloaded and created a login for the App however during setup I added the wrong ABN number. Is there a way to remove this so I can link the correct one?

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  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,683 Community Manager
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    Thanks Meredith.

    I've just had a look and this one is fine to delete. I've gone ahead and done that for you now. What you'll need to do is logout of your account (use the Logout option) then close the app in full ie. swipe it away from any other apps that are currently running on your phone.

    Once that is done, reopen the app and log back in. Go through the steps to setup your account and you'll have the chance to register your (correct) ABN.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,683 Community Manager

    Hi @Meredithc

    I'll need to take a look into it to see if we're able to delete it outright. Can you let me know the current (incorrect) ABN that has been registered to your account please.


  • MeredithcMeredithc Member Posts: 3

    Hi Rav,

    The ABN is 46009975197.

    Nothing has been lodged, I only set it up this morning and realised the error when I went to start adding employees.



  • MeredithcMeredithc Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for the fast response and help Rav, it is appreciated.

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