Payroll Premier YTD in STP2

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YTD not showing for some employees. Also previous payroll items are missing I.e Worker's comp. I thought the initial STP2 wizard would have imported everyone's details.

I'm really desperate now to have someone help me with my issues before this Wednesday.


  • Lambert Kitchens
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    Hi Jane

    I am having trouble with YTD totals also.

    None of my ytd balances came across in the upgrade and we have had to go through and manually enter/correct everything that did come across. The accruals also did not come across but it was confirmed that we had to check these and enter them anyway.

    We were let to believe that the "exciting experience" was going to be smooth and that the onus would not be placed on the customer to make sure the data is correct.

    We are not even to the stage where we can use the new program with confidence and the 30th September deadline is looming!!

  • JANE_9714211
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    edited September 2023

    I had to phone Reckon Customer Support and was advised that there was a glitch in the software hence why some people's information came across and others didn't. Upon rechecking everyone's YTD gross, I noticed it wasn't showing (I only noticed some at first glance). I had to manually enter these. The accruals for personal leave and annual leave were ok. Also, the base rate for all employees was showing on the employee's records but when I did the first pay run, these were all missing. I had to manually enter these.

    Also, there were issues with tax withheld not calculating correctly for some employees. I'm still worried about this upgrade and pray there are no issues at the EOFY.

    I hope you can get your software up and running by the end of next week.

    Good luck 🙏

  • Lambert Kitchens
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    Thank you Jane.

    The bug is no surprise to me!

    I have another problem at this stage - one of my employee's in the 'amounts paid to date' window does not agree with the YTD total in the YTD window. I have not done any pay runs and cannot understand why this is occurring - perhaps another bug!

    I am awaiting a phone call from Reckon migration to have a look to see what is happening.

    After entering all the data and triple checking everything, all the others are correct at this stage.

    Yes EOFY worries me also. Hopefully any problems will appear well before then!

  • JANE_9714211
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    Hopefully technical support will be able to fix this "amounts paid to date" issue for you. I was left a little uneasy when told about the software glitch as detailed in my earlier post.

    I hope there are no more issues with the STP 2 upgrade.

  • Lambert Kitchens
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    I feel very nervous about it also. We pay weekly and I am still processing the pays on Payroll Premier (my desktop version) and will do so until the end of September. I will probably run it on Payroll Premier in parallel with the new version to check the validity of the data for a few pays. This will be extra work but I'll be able to sleep at night! I might even send Reckon an invoice.

    Good luck with yours. I'll continue to post problems as they arise.

  • Rockdown65
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    My migration happened on Thursday. All employees YTD Gross figures were incorrect. The person helping with the migration put me on hold several times and then I had to wait till Friday for some answers. Friday came and I had to reshare the Payroll Premier file with them so they could have a look at what might be causing the issue. I am awaiting a reply as the next payrun is tomorrow!!!!!! This isn't the smooth transition I was hoping for

  • Jill Spinks
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    we got an extension to continue using Payroll Premier STP with the ATO.

    i have done my migration this week but half of my staff approx 25 people have incorrect YTD details.

    i am reluctant to do a pay run without the YTDs being correct.

    has anyone entered their YTD figures in manually to get them to balance with YTD in Payroll Premier.

    Also i think it is poor that we can't printout YTD earnings in a report before commencing any pay runs ????

    Any words of advice would be appreciated, not feeling really confident about this, maybe i am being a dinosaur and not wanting to move out of my comfort zone :)

  • Lambert Kitchens
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    We had trouble with YTD figures but these issues have now been resolved by us after many wasted hours. We entered the figures in manually also because we changed over at the end of September 2023. The figures were not matching payroll premier but after trying to understand the logic, we were able to resolve this.

    The reporting function (or lack thereof) in Reckon Payroll leaves a lot to be desired. We cannot get the reports from the system for us to reconcile anything without going through tedious cross checks. I would like to know when the promised reports, the 'coming soon' reports, are going to be available?

    We will be continuing to process the pays through Payroll Premier until all of the reports that were available through Payroll Premier are available through Reckon Payroll - a cost we are reluctant to bear in terms of time but at least we will have the confidence.

    Why was the product released without the full gambit of reports available? In other words, not fit for purpose.

    We have been very frustrated with the whole changeover and the new product.