Reckon premier 2011-2012 POS terminal issues

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Hi guys
Recently swapped out a computer running reckon premier 2012 also with reckon Pos terminal and admin. i am having a few issues, i have backed up database in quickbooks premier moved that all across and was able to open the database as per normal on the new system when i backed up database in old system i deleted the terminal hoping that i could reopen or add terminal account in the new one which is labelled our business name, when i open POS admin i find that same file and intergrate it all my account suppliers and product list info is up to date and current so at this point everything seems to be working.

Now here is the issue when i go into the POS program and i scan an item only half of the product
list seems to be coming up newer items tell me that the product can not be found. I am completely baffled because to my understanding the admin side of the program should control the POS terminal application

One thing i did note that after i backed up the POS terminal admin on the old system i had a terminal called WVIC i deleted that terminal hoping it would reopen with the new system when i go to check the POS terminal admin there is no terminal would this be conflicting with this issue.


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    Hi Caley,

    The fact that POS Admin says there are no terminals shows us that POS Admin is not looking at the same POS database as POS Terminal.  Which also explains why no new items can be seen in POS Terminal.

    Start by processing end of days, then close POS terminal and do no more entries until the problem is fixed.  Also close POS Admin.

    Go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reckon\PointOfSale and open PointOfSale.ini.  This will give you the database location that both POS Admin and POS Terminal are looking at.  I'm assuming they will show different locations, but they should be the same.

    So you will need to decide which is using the correct terminal, and this one you will keep using (terminal will have recent transaction history, recent laybys, recently new customer accounts, current keyboard setup, while POS Admin will have price levels, promos, lable designes).  Once  you have made that decision on which database to keep, go to the location of the other and rename it from QBPOS.QBP to QBPOS.OLD.QBP.

    depending on which one you have renamed, open POS Terminal or POS Admin depending on which ones database you renamed, and you will be given the option to point that program to the right database (the location of which you saw in the .ini file earlier.)

    Now both Terminal and Admin are looking at the one database and have the right data.

    Any unposted end of day files (starting with QBPst and ending with .pos) should be moved to the location of the database now being used so they can be posted to Reckon Accounts.